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An Invitation

Visitors to King and Queen County find themselves in a richly forested landscape interspersed with wide, open fields interrupted by the occasional winding road following a creek or stream. King and Queen County is perfectly suited for tourism and water-based enterprises. Opportunities for outdoor recreation that expand upon traditions of hunting and fishing abound. We invite you to visit King and Queen County and see what lies off the beaten path.


Agriculture remains an important ingredient in King and Queen's economy. There are 127 farms in the County working a total of 50,823 acres, or approximately 24.2% of the County's land. Primary crops are corn, soybeans, wheat and barley. Principal livestock are beef cattle and dairy cows. Total value of agricultural products is approximately $10,171,000.


King and Queen County occupies 318.1 square miles (209,280 acres) and is located in the Coastal Plain physiographic province. The terrain is flat and gently sloping with elevations ranging from sea level to 200 feet above sea level. Soils in the county are derived from several ancient, nearly level marine terraces, and range from sands and loamy sands to clay. The York and Mattaponi Rivers and The Dragon Run provide drainage in the county.

Natural Resources

Seventy-one percent of the County is forested with approximately 33% owned by private landowners. The three rivers and their tributaries provide an abundant supply of water. In fact, approximately 9.4 % of the county's land is under water. There are also numerous deposits of sand and gravel.